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CESSARO OPUS SUB v.2 - A stunning extension to the Opus and Gaia Speaker systems

Created using the finest materials, components and drive units. The stunning Cessaro Opus Sub-system is available as either a single unit or a stereo pair, with either configuration bringing incredible benefits to both the Opus 1 and Gaia 1 speaker systems.


Fundamentally delivering more “basement” to the sound, the Cessaro Opus Sub-system is a subwoofer system that extends the capabilities of the Cessaro Opus I and Gaia I systems even further - into the domain of genuine full-range speaker systems.


It provides a proper foundation from which the systems can fully breathe, giving scale and volume which creates the feeling of listening to a large speaker system, yet without the physical compromises.


With a more realistic sound stage and a more stabilised focus the Cessaro Opus Sub v.2 is a fantastic upgrade for both the Opus I and Gaia I loudspeakers.


Concept:  Closed-box, active subwoofer with DSP

Bandwidth:  20-100 Hz

Drive units:  2x 13“ drive units

Amplification:  D-class amp with 2x 500 W

Recommended room size:  25-40 sqm (one unit)

Dimensions:  40 cm (58 cm including feet), x 70 cm x 80 cm (W x D x H)

Weight: 85 kg each


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