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Available for demonstration.

The flagship product Divin Noblesse sets the ultimate benchmark for mid sized high efficiency loudspeakers.

The core of our mid size Divin Noblesse is represented by a specifically developed 8 inch midrange driver, where we implemented a lot of our patented Göbel® bending wave technology. Our patented Göbel® bending wave technology is based on the principals of sound creation through musical instruments and is the result of over 15 years of development that we invested in order to achieve the most natural sound possible.

For the impeccable high tone reproduction in the Divin Noblesse we are using the best AMT tweeter technology available, which is furthermore excellently optimized and adjusted through a massive wave guide, milled out of full aluminum. The specific curve progression of this wave guide finally assures flawless aggregation of all drivers to a homogeneous and natural sound dispersion, which you have never experienced before.

In order to also achieve an absolute homogeneous sound dispersion and stimulation of the room modes within the low frequency range the Divin Noblesse is additionally equipped with two custom built Göbel® 12 inch long throw bass drivers. These symmetrically arranged bass drivers are specifically located in the constrain layer dampening front baffle, creating an absolute smooth transition of the 8 inch midrange drivers to the low frequencies of these custom built Göbel® long throw bass drivers.

The purely functional design with the perfectly defined form and the use of specific constrain layer dampening with multilayered tropical room proof materials, combined with the ideal ratio of stiffness and dampening behaviors, eliminate any diffractions, resonances and energy saving effects.


I’ll miss the speakers' easy, inviting and convincing sense of musical communication. Few speakers that I’ve heard -- and none that are more affordable -- have told me more about who wrote, who or how they played or, most importantly of all, why they recorded this music. If you want to define (or redefine) high-end audio, that’s a pretty good place to start.

Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat

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