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Stenheim’s stunning new floorstander

The all-new Alumine Two.Five makes Stenheim’s innovative Alumine concept, musicality and Swiss handmade quality more attainable then ever.

It features a ported two-way topology that maintains all the advantages of the elegant simplicity of the Alumine Two’s proven design, but its larger cabinet and double bass drivers ensure a greater extension that hitherto only more expensive Alumine models have been able to provide.

The Alumine Two.Five can be driven by a wide range of amplification and is the ideal partner for even modestly powered systems to deliver enthralling music for year after year with typical Stenheim clarity, detail and liveliness.


  • Passive 2-way floor-standing speaker

  • 2x 17cm (6.5”) woofers, 1x 2.6cm (1”) softdome tweeter

  • Front bass reflex design

  • Full aluminium construction

  • Crossover employing high grade, audiophile components

  • Sensitivity : 93dB SPL, half space

  • Power handling : 125W RMS, 250W Peak

  • Minimum recommended power : 10W

  • Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms

  • Dimensions : Height 94.5cm (37.2”) x Width 23cm (9”) x Depth 27.5cm (10.8”)

  • Weight : approx. 45kg (100lbs) each

  • Available in metallic Light Grey or Dark Grey with black front and rear

  • Warranty : 5 years

  • Delivered with a set of precision mounting spikes

    Custom options

  • Full Black, Ivory or Mocca with black front and rear


For anybody seeking serious high-end performance combined with consummate musical quality, that makes the Divin Marquis a surprisingly compact, capable and affordable option. Along with Stenheim’s similarly surprising Alumine 5SE, this Göbel loudspeaker is re-writing the rulebook – and doing it in one of the most competitive market sectors in the whole of high-end audio.

This is a speaker that punches well above its weight, both sonically and musically.

Roy Gregory,

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