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For High End Munich 2024, Stenheim introduces its new Alumine Five platform for the Alumine Five models. This elegant aluminium plinth is machined from solid billet and achieves the same effect as the Reference Platform developed for the Reference series, increasing stability and making fine-tuning the set-up far simpler through increased adjustability of height and rake. These parameters are set via discrete allen bolts on top of the spikes, different sets of which can be selected to suit different floor types. Sound is also improved thanks to the superior vibration damping that the Alumine Five platform offers. The platform can be retrofitted to any Alumine Five


The Alumine Five SX is derived from the award-winning Alumine Five SE, itself a version of the Alumine Five with increased specification including top of the range crossover components, binding posts from the Reference range and enhanced internal wiring. The Alumine Five SX is additionally equipped with a room control panel on the rear, originally seen on the more expensive Reference Ultime Two model, which enables different bass-treble profiles to be selected to adjust for room specifics. Sound quality is yet further enhanced by a new grounding post which allows the speaker to be connected to a grounding system. The Alumine Five SX is immediately recognizable by its anodized tweeter horn and side bars.

This phenomenal speaker is then set upon the Alumine Five plinth to complete the Alumine Five SX package.

The Alumine Five LE is a limited edition of the all-new Alumine Five SX, creating the ultimate Alumine Five.  Just 10 pairs are due to be made. Over and above the Five SX’s impressive specifications, the Five LE model boasts some luxury cosmetic appointments. Only available in Full Black, its tweeter horn, side bars, platform details and spike covers are gilded in gold leaf. The top baffle is covered in leather with a gold embroidered Stenheim logo. The rear baffle is adorned with a Stenheim emblem. An optional three-part flight case is available.

Like all Stenheim speakers, the Alumine Five SX and Alumine Five LE are designed and hand-built to order in Switzerland. They are a 3-way design featuring crossovers engineered with the finest quality components from boutique suppliers such as Mundorf and Jantzen and are equipped with highly efficient custom-built drivers (94 dB) enabling a wide variety of amplification to be used. 

The Five SX and Five LE models are a further step in Stenheim’s mission of providing the ultimate in loudspeaker performance for discerning music lovers, and top the Alumine range..



“The Stenheim Five SE is not just a great speaker; it is one of high-end audio’s greatest speakers. Its ability to generate truly deep, linear, powerful bass, unusually rich and lifelike tone color, near-visible three-dimensional images, and astounding detail and dynamics from such a modest enclosure is not just a surprise; it is one for the ages.”

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound magazine.

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